Hedda: Marc Brenner images on Flickr

Hedda: Marc Brenner images on Flickr

Some fantastic photos were found on Flickr, taken by Marc Brennner from the rehearsals and production of Hedda at the Gatehouse Theatre.

They can be viewed here and here.

Lost In Austen: Seattle & Ontario

Lost In Austen is being broadcast again this week; in Canada by TV Ontario and by  KCTS9 in the US.

Dead Cat: camera test

Sam Bern from the Dead Cat production, tweeted about a recent camera test, involving Tom which has been uploaded to the Dead Cat website.

Dead Cat - 5D Test from Ben Hilton on Vimeo.


The production team are also trying to raise money for the film, so if you feel able to donate anything at all (the price of a cup of tea is much appreciated I believe) then please do so here using the very easy and secure paypal.

Slingers: Images on Sizemore.co.uk

Slingers: Images on Sizemore.co.uk

Sizemore has two more photos of Tom (and the rest of the cast) as well as some more detail about the project:

"The thing to remember is that all this is pre-pilot. Details will change and all the material we’ve blogged so far should not be considered truly representative of what the final sizzle reel will look like. The sizzle will in turn inform what needs tweaking for the pilot. But all this stuff so far is purely promotional or rough cut quality. We’re taking a few risks putting so much material out so early, but I push for this kind of thing working on other people’s projects so it would be a tad hypocritical not to give it a go on my own show."