Slingers in Broadcast Now Magazine

Slingers was recently mentioned in Broadcast Now magazine, an industry publication.  You can read the full text here.

The best bit is the following:

"Writer Mike Atherton has attracted 3,000 followers on Twitter, where he regularly updates on the production, while Sleepydog’s blog offers behind-the-scenes stories and pictures. Barron is preparing a three-minute teaser, which is likely to debut online."

Needless to say, our fingers and toes are firmly crossed.

Lewis: Allegory of Love to Re-Air on ITV1

Lews: Allegory of Love will re-air on ITV1 this Sunday, September 6th at 4:30.  Thanks to forum member 6point7 for bringing it to our attention!

Dead Cat Director Gives Radio Interview

The director and co-writer of Dead Cat, Stefan Georgiou, gave a fun yet informative interview on London Greek Radio recently - mostly to get additional donations to cover the film production.  No mention of Tom (and he is pretty cagey about the cast), but it gives some insight as to why they are financing the film the way they are and talks a bit about the story itself.  Well worth a listen.

Dead Cat Director Updates Production Status

Dead Cat's director, Stefan Georgiou, has started blogging about the production as well, giving us even more insight into the filmmaking process.