Watchmen is a very tight-lipped production. NDA's are in place and cast and crew are not risking anything, but some things are pretty hard to hide. Decatur, which is standing in for Tulsa, saw a rather large location shoot filming in their downtown area, complete with a funeral procession of police cars, limos and a hearse. Not to mention a police escort -- featuring officers wearing telltale partial yellow facemasks.

One sharp-eyed local noticed that Jean Smart (Fargo, Designing Women) was on set, and her casting was confirmed earlier today by /Film. It was also revealed that her character works for the FBI and goes by the name Agent Baker, who may or may not be related to Silk Spectre and The Comedian. As with all details of this project, it is all very mysterious.

One longstanding mystery has been solved, however. After much speculation about the role Jeremy Irons would be playing, it was finally confirmed that he will, in fact, be playing Ozymandias/Adrian Veidt. The original character description for him was an "aging and imperious lord of a British manor," and we do know that they shot for weeks in Wales earlier this year with Tom, but the question still remains whether he will also be shooting stateside with the rest of the cast. Heck, we don't know whether Tom is shooting stateside either, and probably won't for sometime, given the secretive nature of the whole production.

The show is shooting in and around Atlanta into early next year and is slated to air on HBO some time in 2019.