During the Golden Globes ceremony tonight, viewers were surprised to see the first scenes from the Watchmen series aired in an HBO promo, that also included other series the network will be airing in 2019.



The Watchmen Instagram account has also posted each individual scene, ever-so-slightly expanded from the promo, for us to dissect and analyze. Many masked characters can be seen, in addition to the unmasked Jean Smart, who stars as Agent Blake, and Jeremy Irons, who stars as Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias. Still no sign of Tom - his character and many others remain under wraps for now.



a theory

have a theory based on no knowledge of ANYTHING WHATSOEVER the Tom's character is related to the Jeremy Irons character.

and possibly the Jean Smart character....just me being loony perhapswink

That's a good theory

I hope you're right!

yeah well i am thinking too much

hoping for more screen time  for Tom ....that he is jeremy irons  son and possbly Jean Smarts as well....surprise

but i am a raving lunatic so who knowswink