It's about time. Tick tock.

HBO has finally released something more significant than the micro-teases they've been posting on their Instagram account for the upcoming series. The trailer below brings us into the Watchmen world via foreboding, unsettling images of a gang of gun-toting Rorschach imitators and yellow-masked masked policeman. We see a leather-clad Regina King and Jeremy Irons as Ozymandias, but still no Tom (who is rumored to be playing Mime, from the Doomsday Clock series). The trailer pegs the premiere as being in the fall, but nothing more specific than that.



Per IMDB, he's playing Mime

Hi Friends,

Just checked IMDB to see if they had the Four Weddings episodes Tom will be in listed.  They didn't, but they claim he's playing Mime/Marcus Maez.  


Yes, but...

Anyone can contribute to IMDb, so it's very possible that someone not associated at all with Tom or the production added that. There has been no official announcement or acknowledgement about him playing Mime. Having said that, it's still very possible that's who he is playing.

theories about Tom's character (not Maez)

long but there is a fairly lenghy discussion of  what charactoer Tom is playing


Thanks for the link - that was a good breakdown. The body type of the main Rorschach doesn't seem to me like it could be Tom. We do know that Tom and Sara shot in Wales with Jeremy Irons in Wales, so Mime/Marionette seems more plausible for that reason? The guy in the video is right though - definitely take that - and almost everything to do with this show - with a grain of salt.