TVLine Names Sleepy Hollow Best New Drama of 2013 and More

TVLine has posted part one of its Best and Worst of 2013 list, and Sleepy Hollow was honored in two categories:

Best New Drama (Tie)

Sleepy Hollow

A spooky take on American history, the excellent chemistry between leads Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie and humor in all the right places ("Farewell, Yolanda") took the supernatural series from "This can't work" to "We can't wait until the next episode!"


Best New Opening Credits

Sleepy Hollow

Confession: Several TVLine staffers emulate Katrina's shadowy, arms-up conjuring as the Fox series kicks off every week; apparently, we've completely fallen under the rollicking theme's spell.


The Week Magazine writers and editors listed their picks for Best Performances of the year, and writer Laura Prudom named Tom:

Tom Mison, Sleep Hollow

A show with a concept as bonkers as Sleepy Hollow's could have easily gone off the rails in its freshman season, but Tom Mison's deft lead performance as Ichabod Crane has kept the supernatural suspense series steaming confidently along in its first ten episodes, offering humor and heart in equal measure.

As the charismatic Crane — a Revolutionary War hero transported to the present day to help avert the apocalypse — Mison is a swashbuckling Sherlock Holmes-type whose displacement positions him to comment on the traditions we've forgotten and the conveniences we take for granted. Mison's acerbic delivery makes him an undeniable scene-stealer, but it's the humanity that we see in Crane's quieter moments — mourning the life he lost or bonding with his equally compelling partner Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) — that makes Sleepy Hollow truly unmissable.


The Vancouver Sun also named their Best Shows of 2013 -- Sleepy Hollow was top of their list for Best New Shows:

1. "Sleepy Hollow" — Kudos to the producers for managing to wake up the fantasy genre with this well-crafted delight. There's nothing really original about this series — it's basically the old fish-out-of-water, buddy cop series — yet all the elements magically come together. Helping immensely are the two compelling leads, Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie, who bring us along on what could easily have been dismissed as ridiculous or campy.