Sleepy Hollow at SDCC - Day 3

It was another big day for the Sleepy Hollow crew - meeting the fans, being interviewed and photographed, and screening the pilot were all on the agenda again today.  Plenty of new photos to enjoy in the galleries, so make sure you click over there!

The first thing I have for you is a video interview that was uploaded by


Also, if you happen to have Sirius XM and have a subscription to their online service, you can listen to an interview the cast and producers did for EWLive yesterday.  It should be available in their "News and Notes" section for the next several days.  Some of the things we learned from the interview:

  • Nicole is still getting used to being Abbie Mills - she called herself Abbie Archer by accident! 
  • Bill Paxton's daughter is already a Sleepy Hollow fan
  • In the world they are in, there are really two Revolutionary Wars being waged simultaneously
  • The show has romance, heartfelt drama as well as explosions and people rising from the dead.  There is a balance.
  • They confirmed shooting starts next Saturday
  • It sounds like Len Wiseman is still on board to do more directing for the show

This afternoon there was a Tumblr MeetUp at a pizza place offsite from SDCC, where lucky fans got to have lunch, screen the pilot and ask the cast and producers questions afterward.  @SleepyHollowFox live tweeted the Q&A, so here's what we learned from them:

  • Tom Mison was perfect for the role when we were thinking about casting for Ichabod Crane, said the Sleepy Hollow EP's
  • What kinds of cases will we see? Alex Kurtzman: Abby & Crane realized they've just uncovered the tip of the iceberg we will dig into American history. Good vs evil. Abby & Crane uncover things from their past that relate to now. History due to repeat itself.
  • There will be monsters but also deep mythology as well each week.
  • Headless is the only horseman of the 4 w/o a head, but others will be just as interesting to watch.
  • "No one ever REALLY dies..." teases EP Alex Kurtzman
  • The idea that the Book of Revelation just landed on your doorstep is what's so engaging with Sleepy Hollow - Nicole Beharie
  • "I don't find Orlando Jones that funny!" jokes EP Len Wiseman when asked about casting actors known for their humor.
  • EP Len Wiseman says there will be some design sets that will be the same throughout the show.

Finally, there was a really good review/first impresson of the pilot from TV Equals that had this to say:

"The chemistry from series stars Nicole Behaire and Tom Mison is present right away. This crazy conceit puts them together, but the two leads work well enough together that you can forgive the absurd nature of their unlikely partnership."

"Several of the actors were also in attendance, and they were able to share a little bit about their characters. Tom Mison was originally concerned about adapting a beloved character for television, but mentioned he liked the idea of the fish-out-of-water aspect to the story."

"The creators said the pilot was put together in a very short period of time. They truly should be proud of the work they did. The show has lots of good elements and is worth a look this coming fall."