io9 Says Scary, Charming Sleepy Hollow Series Might Be Your New Crack

A great, if a little spoilery, review was posted on io9 today, along with another article pronouncing Sleepy Hollow one of the winners of the San Diego Comic Con.

In their article on the biggest winners and losers of SDCC, io9 declares Sleepy Hollow a winner!

"The other new show that we heard people raving about everywhere was another Fox debut — this TV show about Ichabod Crane waking up in the 21st century and having to contend with the Headless Horseman in a world of automatic weapons and flak jackets just totally won people over with its light, over-the-top tone. Stars Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie establish a relationship that's reminiscent of Elementary, which is a very good thing. This show felt anything but sleepy."

They also posted a review that had a lot more about the plot than we'd seen previously, and may have given away a little more than spoiler-phobes might like, so click through at your own risk!  Though you may have figured a lot of it out already, if you'd watched the trailer hundreds dozens a few times, like me. Here's a spoiler free glimpse at what they had to say:

"If American Horror Story is too intense for you, but Vampire Diaries is too silly, then I've got one recommendation for this fall TV season: Sleepy Hollow on FOX. It's the perfect blend of fun and chills. We saw the pilot at Comic-Con and everybody cheered like maniacs."

"It's a smashing setup for a show that crackles with charisma. The show creators, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, told the Comic-Con audience about how the series wouldn't just focus on the headless horseman — he's one of many things Ichabod and Abbie will deal with. And it will also go deep into flashbacks, so we can learn more about George Washington's secret war on evil in America. I was not expecting to be excited about this show at all, but after seeing the pilot I'm chomping at the bit to see more. Plus, Buffy alum Jose Molina will be one of the writers — and that bodes well"


Many thanks to gummybear in the forum for spotting it!