Henry IV Gets 5 Stars from the Guardian

Michael Billington in the Guardian has given Henry IV parts 1 & 2 his highest five star rating saying, "Peter Hall, returning to them for the first time since he directed them at Stratford in 1964, has also realised them to perfection."  About Tom's performance in particular, he writes:

"But the complexity of the Hal-Falstaff relationship is enhanced by Tom Mison's admirable Prince. In the great, role-playing tavern scene where Hal assumes his father's identity, Mison gives due warning of his intentions. "Banish plump Jack and banish all the world," cries Falstaff, to which Mison replies, "I do" in the voice of his father and then "I will" in his own steely register.

You feel Mison is constantly trying to tell Falstaff that things can't last; yet, on the battlefield at Shrewsbury, he tenderly kisses the supposedly dead knight. And when Mison assumes power as Henry V, he implies that the dismissal of Falstaff exacts its own personal cost."

Not sure we agree with the selection of accompanying photo for the review - we would have much preferred the above thud-worthy photo, which was taken by Nobby Clark.