Today we celebrate Tom Mison,


the man with the best left eyebrow


and the nicest calves in the business.


He is charming,






and very, very humble.


Please give a tip o' the hat to Tom,


and wish him the most wonderful of birthdays.


Here's hoping he has a fantastic day filled with joy and laughter and many happy returns.


Feel free to leave your birthday greetings below in the comments, or tweet them today using the hashtag #TMisBDay. No guarantee he'll see them, but putting good wishes out into the world is never a bad idea, eh?



Happy Birthday, Tom! So sorry

Happy Birthday, Tom!

So sorry to have missed your wicked turn in London as Fainall, but I'm eagerly anticipating being able to see your work in HBO's Watchmen. I hope that you had a lovely day, filled with friends and family.


Happy Birthday!!


I hope you have had a wonderful birthday! Thank you for being so gracious to “The Americans” who came over to see you in “The Way of The World”! The production was fantastic & you were brilliant as the villain! Can’t wait to see you in future roles!

Happy Birthday!

Happiest of Birthdays, Tom!

May your day be filled with love and laughter, and your year filled with rewarding, meaningful work, delight in your family and friends, great health, and justice and real peace in our world.

Love, Val

Happiest of birthdays, Tom!

Happiest of birthdays, Tom! Wishing you much happiness, health and continued success! Anxiously awaiting The Watchmen!! I know you will be brilliant!! Much love! Cat

Happy Birthday!

Hope Tom has a truly deserved splendid day.

In addition to the pleasure of enjoying his talent (ohhhh, Fainall!), I'll forever be grateful to him for the many friends he has brought into my life. heart


Donna (@Donnarie2)

Happy Birthday Tom, wishing

Happy Birthday Tom, wishing you all the best on your special day. Thank you for being so kind and generous on my first trip across the pond to see you on stage as the deliciously evil Fainall in The Way of The World.



Happy Birthday

Wishing you all the best things, Tom!  Happy birthday! 


Happy Birthday!

Hope your birthday is lovely. Truly enjoyed seeing you recently as a "bad guy" in The Way of the World in London and can't wait to see you in Watchmen!