TV Guide - 2/6-23 Issue - Roush Review

TV Guide - 2/6-23 Issue - Roush Review

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And The Lists Keep Coming...

Well, who knew this many end-of-year, Best & Worst lists even existed?  I know I didn't, until Sleepy Hollow and Tom were included on so many of them!  Here is still more praise for the show:

Huffington Post named Tom as one of their Breakout TV Actors of 2013

Tom Mison, 'Sleepy Hollow'
Playing Ichabod Crane, Tom Mison could carry "Sleepy Hollow" single-handedly. Mison has plenty of brilliant co-stars to support him, but his angsty character has been said to steal the show.

E! picked a Sleepy Hollow episode as one of 2013's best

"The Sin Eater," Sleepy Hollow: Oh, so you didn't bother checking out Sleepy Hollow because you thought it was cheesy and hokey? Well, the joke's so on you. It's quickly become must-watch-live TV and this episode is the freshman drama's standout, thanks to the deepened bond between Ichabod and Abbie (And the shippers go wild!) and an assist from a stellar guest star in Fringe's John Noble. Dare we say this is an episode to lose your head over?

Den of Geek chose Sleepy Hollow for their list of Most Geek out Moments of 2013

Sleepy Hollow Heads for a Wild Spin in 2013

If you told us a year ago that Fox would have a runaway hit by turning Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow into a modern day police procedural with a time traveling Revolutionary warrior Ichabod Crane, we'd say what conspiracy theories were you reading when smoking that contraband. But here we are and Sleepy Hollow is fantastic, campy fun. A case of creators Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Len Wiseman, and Phillip Iscove mixing Dan Brown-styled historical fantasy with an actual "end of the world" fantasy based on the Book of Revelations, and then stirring it in a pot of Irving archetypes, this show is often bizarre and always entertaining. A major factor of this can be credited to stars Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie's appealing chemistry as Ichabod Crane and modern day deptuy Abbie Mills, however nothing beats seeing the Headless Horseman (now Death made flesh and first horseman of the Apocalypse) pumping a shotgun like he's out of a Quentin Tarantino movie. Throw in Orlando Jones for some awesome supporting work, and you have the best new broadcast network show of the season.

TVLine Names Sleepy Hollow Best New Drama of 2013 and More

TVLine has posted part one of its Best and Worst of 2013 list, and Sleepy Hollow was honored in two categories:

Best New Drama (Tie)

Sleepy Hollow

A spooky take on American history, the excellent chemistry between leads Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie and humor in all the right places ("Farewell, Yolanda") took the supernatural series from "This can't work" to "We can't wait until the next episode!"


Best New Opening Credits

Sleepy Hollow

Confession: Several TVLine staffers emulate Katrina's shadowy, arms-up conjuring as the Fox series kicks off every week; apparently, we've completely fallen under the rollicking theme's spell.


The Week Magazine writers and editors listed their picks for Best Performances of the year, and writer Laura Prudom named Tom:

Tom Mison, Sleep Hollow

A show with a concept as bonkers as Sleepy Hollow's could have easily gone off the rails in its freshman season, but Tom Mison's deft lead performance as Ichabod Crane has kept the supernatural suspense series steaming confidently along in its first ten episodes, offering humor and heart in equal measure.

As the charismatic Crane — a Revolutionary War hero transported to the present day to help avert the apocalypse — Mison is a swashbuckling Sherlock Holmes-type whose displacement positions him to comment on the traditions we've forgotten and the conveniences we take for granted. Mison's acerbic delivery makes him an undeniable scene-stealer, but it's the humanity that we see in Crane's quieter moments — mourning the life he lost or bonding with his equally compelling partner Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) — that makes Sleepy Hollow truly unmissable.


The Vancouver Sun also named their Best Shows of 2013 -- Sleepy Hollow was top of their list for Best New Shows:

1. "Sleepy Hollow" — Kudos to the producers for managing to wake up the fantasy genre with this well-crafted delight. There's nothing really original about this series — it's basically the old fish-out-of-water, buddy cop series — yet all the elements magically come together. Helping immensely are the two compelling leads, Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie, who bring us along on what could easily have been dismissed as ridiculous or campy.



More Year End Accolades

Even more praise for Sleepy Hollow and Tom's portrayal of Ichabod Crane, as year end wrap-ups are posted across the web.

io9 included the show in their Best Moments in TV 2013:

Best TV Moments from 2013:

Sleepy Hollow - Farewell Yolanda

From "The Lesser Key of Solomon," episode, Ichabod Crane will win the hearts and minds of everyone he meets. Everyone.

AV Club loves the show too:

Sleepy Hollow (Fox)
Initially lumped in with “fairy tales are real—and they’re all dark and gritty!” shows like Once Upon A Time and Grimm, Sleepy Hollow quickly surprised viewers with how delightfully loopy the whole enterprise could be. The resurrected (and crisply hunky) Ichabod Crane teams up with an intrepid local cop to battle—well, here’s a list: the Freemasons, the Sandman, a golem, something like an evil Ent, the four horsemen of the apocalypse (including one famously beheaded rider), and maybe Satan himself. What makes it work is the no-nonsense bond between Tom Mison’s Crane and Nicole Beharie’s Abbie as they plow ahead in steadfast solidarity to solve a National Treasure-esque doomsday plot with tendrils snaking through American Revolutionary War history. Their relationship, with its mix of fish-out-of-water comedy and playful flirtation, is uniquely grounded in mutual professionalism and respect. Improbably, this lends each new ludicrous (and often effectively scary) twist a propulsive gravitas; Crane addressing Abbie as “Left-tenant” is more deliciously loaded every time he says it.
Best episode: “The Sin Eater”


TV Fanatic staff member Michelle Carlbert declared it the best show of the year:

Sleepy Hollow! I was sucked into that show from the first minute of the pilot and was a fan by the time the title card appeared. It's a show that, on paper, shouldn't work and yet somehow it does. Plus, Tom Mison...  just sayin.

TODAY contributor Maggie Furlong calls Tom's Ichabod Crane one of the breakout characters of the fall TV season on

Ichabod Crane
Who knew history could be so hot? Fox made a major gamble, betting on a revamp of "Sleepy Hollow" that includes supernatural elements and a time-traveling twist, and they won. Big time. "Sleepy Hollow's" ratings have been so strong, the network has already given the show a second season. In the current network ratings apocalypse, "Sleepy Hollow" is a completely bonkers fallout shelter worth hiding out in. And its star Ichabod Crane (played be the impossibly suave Tom Mison) is one of the most transfixing characters on television right now.

Sleepy Hollow! I was sucked into that show from the first minute of the pilot and was a fan by the time the title card appeared. It's a show that, on paper, shouldn't work and yet somehow it does. Plus, Tom Mison...  just sayin. - See more at: