Sleepy Hollow: Interviews and Clips and Links (Oh My)


If you weren't already aware (which seems unlikely if you're visiting this website, but you never know!), Sleepy Hollow Season 2 premieres tonight at 9pm/8c in the US and Canada. So many clips, interviews, photos and stories have already been posted about Tom and the show leading up to tonight's premiere, and there will be many more to come. To make it convenient and easy to keep up with all of it, it's been gathered together for you all in one place. Click through on the graphic above to go to the Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Highlights page. Hope you're in a comfy chair -- this may take a while.

Hamlet Available on IPlayer for a Limited Time

The five episodes of Hamlet, aired on consecutive days this past week, will only be available for a short time on BBC iPlayer. Each episode is accessible for listening for one week after it is broadcast, so episode one is only available for 2 more days.

Reviews of the program were very complimentary:

The Stage: "The first episode of Hamlet, that seminal text of Nordic noir, stranded across a whole week of Afternoon Dramas, offers a masterclass in how to create an atmosphere of swirling, sepulchral doom. Roger Goula’s original music, gorgeous and expectant, works with Marc Beeby’s direction to impart a chill to proceedings."

Radio Times: "To get the audience in the mood, here’s a full and impressive five-part version of one of literature’s greatest works of fiction — Hamlet. I spotted minor cuts to the text but nothing that will arouse the ire of die-hard Shakespeare fanatics. Instead, the team have grasped the nettle and introduced some stunning audio effects that add real depth to the play, especially the ghost scenes."

Each episode is a bit less than 45 minutes. Make sure to give it a listen while you can!

TV Guide - 2/6-23 Issue - Roush Review

TV Guide - 2/6-23 Issue - Roush Review

Thanks to Lynette for the heads up and Bonnie for the scans!