Happy Birthday Tom!!

Happy Birthday Tom!!

July 23rd is Tom's birthday, so we would just like to send him very warm and affectionate wishes for a wonderful day, and many many happy returns!! 

As it so happens, not only is it Tom's 28th birthday, it is also Tom-Mison.com's 1st birthday!  So thank you to all who have visited here regularly, checked in once in a while or even those who have stumbled upon us by accident (not so much thanking to the spammers though - we are glad you are gone :P).  It has been a pleasure and an honor to keep you up to date with all things Tom Mison this past year!

Happy Birthday

Wishing Tom very best wishes on his birthday today. 

Dead Cat: a film about a second chance for a first love.

The Dead Cat website posted thanks to Tom for helping them with the script feedback for the film,  currently in pre-production.  

It isnt clear whether Tom will have any further involvement with the film, but it looks very interesting, so worth keeping an eye on the site for updates.