Sleepy Hollow Season Finale Set for January 20th

Fox has announced that the 13th and final episode of the season will air on Monday, January 20th from 8-9pm, an hour earlier than usual. The Following will have its season premiere in the 9pm time slot.

In other news, the show's success continues to be the topic of discussion, with the latest article on the subject from io9.  Here is an excerpt:


Sleepy Hollow is very possibly the most ludicrous show that has even been on TV. It’s about the Headless Horseman being one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and Ichabod Crane getting sent to the present by his wife (who’s a witch) to stop the apocalypse… for starters. This is completely absurd, and yet Sleepy Hollow is also one of the most entertaining shows on TV right now. Here’s the rules Sleepy Hollow and ridiculous shows are following to defeat your common sense.

Make your characters likeable.

First and foremost. Your show can be the silliest, dumbest thing on TV, but as long as people enjoy watching the characters, they’ll probably still stay tuned. The best example of this right now is indeed Sleepy Hollow, as Tom Mison’s delightfully bitchy Ichabod Crane is just wonderful to watch, no matter how absurd everything else is. Agents of SHIELD, plot-wise, has been pretty ho-hum, but Clark Gregg is carrying most of the show‘s weight on his shoulders through his charm as Agent Coulson. Silas Weir Mitchell’s Munroe as definitely been the jewel of Grimm of both seasons, while star David Giuntoli has slowly been coming into his own personality, and he’s definitely the best part of the series.



Vote for Tom for People's Choice Awards

Voting to nominate shows/actors for People's Choice Awards is now open, and inexplicably Tom, the rest of the Sleepy Hollow cast and the show have been left off entirely from the ballots.  We can right this wrong by writing them in!  Voting runs through October 31st and the top 5 vote getters in each category will then be eligible for the award in a new round of voting that starts soon after.  There are no voting limits.  The following are links to the categories in which you can vote for Tom:


Favorite Actor in a New TV Series

Favorite Dramatic TV Actor

Favorite On-Screen Chemistry

Favorite Sci-Fi Fantasy TV Star

Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show

TVLine Interview & the Return of Sleepy Fridays

TVLine has posted a great quick interview with the EPs and Tom and Nicole about Ichabod's pronunciation of Lieutenant.  Tom, ever the English gentleman, knew the way that would have been said was "left-tenant."  "it's just English.  It's the proper use of the language," Tom says. Click through to watch the whole clip on

Also, reports of the demise of Sleepy Fridays, the re-broadcast of episodes on Fridays, has thankfully been given a reprieve.  Due to scheduling changes by Fox, it looks like we will have two more to enjoy on 11/1 and 11/8!

Sleepy Hollow Loves Its Fans!

@SleepyWriters promised us a big treat for the last SleepyFriday (the nickname for the re-broadcast of Monday's Sleepy Hollow episode on Fridays), and they did not disappoint.  The producers, writers and, what looked to be, the whole staff in their Los Angeles production offices, as well as Orlando from the set in Wilmington, were live tweeting and posting video answers to fan questions during the east coast feed of the show.  It was a wonderful way for them to show their appreciation for the fans. 

Click here for the SleepyWriters Instagram videos

Click here for Orlando Jones' videos

The fan art posted by the fans of the show has been incredible, and in this video, Phil Iscove and Bob Orci show their appreciation for the fans' amazing creativity.