The Life Man of Portland Mews - Correction!

As previously reported, Tom is participating in a night of monologues entitled The Lost Souls of Soho, which will be performed September 30th at the Intervention Gallery.  We got the details a little confused though - Tom wrote the piece and is, as we thought, directing it as well, but he will not be performing it.  Very exciting to see Tom doing new and different things!!

Photos of Tom shooting New short film "Creep"

Photos of Tom shooting New short film "Creep"

A huge thank you to Cubbie for finding some amazing behind the scenes photos of Tom shooting a short film called "Creep," directed by Mark Jenkinson.  Two of the best photos can be found here (the one above) and here.  If you go here, you will see a set of thumbnails of all the photos - Tom is in several others as well!



Tom just shot a day or two on a new show called Slingers.

They shot a sort of teaser for industry-only types, with the real pilot to be shot later this year. It is a sci-fi show that is being produced in the UK, but seems to be for American TV (yay!). I'm not sure yet if it is for network or cable.

Two blogs to watch for information are:

The creator/writer:

The Producers (?):

There are some behind the scenes photos already posted in various places, but, alas, none of Tom.