The Way of the World: Tom Returns to the Stage



Tom will be returning to the stage on March 29th in the restoration comedy The Way of the World at the Donmar Warehouse in London. He will be playing Fainall, described as a man on the fringes of respectability. Very intriguing.

The run is close to sold out, but you can sign up at the Donmar's website to receive notifications for their Klaxon ticket scheme in order to buy returned and standing room tickets closer to the date you want to attend. The play runs through May 26th. 


The Unending Battle

Lucky for us, Tom has been on quite a tear with radio plays these days.  He has another production being broadcast on July 9th at 2:15 pm on BBC Radio 4 entitled The Unending Battle, also starring Tobias Menzies. Tom stars as Tom Mitford. The BBC website has this synopsis:

"It's 1944 and James Lees-Milne - and the National Trust - have returned to London. Comfortably accommodated in a flat in Cheyne Walk, Lees-Milne is attempting to secure a nearby property to house the musical collection of Boer War veteran, Major Benton Fletcher. Late one night, whilst trying to telephone a friend, Lees-Milne has a crossed line and makes the acquaintance of an anonymous woman. A friendship grows over the telephone wires, but at the woman's insistence they both keep their identities secret. When Lees-Milnes's childhood friend Tom Mitford returns unexpectedly from the continent, a sexual attraction is reawakened. Tom, however, has been a committed red-blooded male since Eton and is now determined to settle down after the war and raise a family - expecting James to help him sift through a list of potential wives. Tom is now a realist in love, but Lees-Milne is still an idealist. When disaster strikes, Lees-Milne is rely on the mysterious woman at the end of the telephone more than ever before."

It will be available to listen to live on the BBC website, then will be available on iPlayer for a week thereafter.  Click on the link above to access it. 

Also, don't forget to listen to Tom's other plays - The Stuarts: It Came In With A Lass is available here on iPlayer for just today, then you can listen to him in The Cazalets today (and for a week after on iPlayer) here.

The Cazalets

Tom will be joining the cast of The Cazalets as Gerald, for episode 5 of the last series of dramatizations of the books by Elizabeth Jane Howard. Air date for the show is July 5th at 10:45 and 19:45 on BBC Radio 4.

"The Stuarts: It Came In With A Lass" BBC Radio 4 Play

Tom has a new radio play to be aired on BBC Radio 4, on June 29th at 4pm, called The Stuarts: It Came In With A Lass.  He plays Darnley. It also stars Jeany Spark as Mary, and Brian Cox as John.  Radio Times posted this synopsis:

"The first play in Mike Walker's planned 10-part chronicle of the Stuart dynasty. The story follows Mary Queen of Scots as she arrives in Scotland and has to quickly distinguish friends from enemies as they try to understand and control her."