Watchmen: KTLA5 Interview


The morning after the Los Angeles premiere of Watchmen, Tom visited the KTLA studios for an interview, which you can watch below. He couldn't say much about his Watchmen character, Mr. Phillips, but we do get our first look at him. We learn that they block shot most of his scenes for the season with Jeremy Irons in a castle in Wales over the course of a month, before the bulk of most of the scripts were even written. Tom explains that he did have a history with Watchmen, even before the show. He read the original graphic novel as an angry 17 year old and it made him even angrier, then happened to pick it up again a couple of years ago, and reading it again at a different stage in his life gave him a different perspective on it. Six months after re-reading it that second time, Damon Lindelof called and asked him to "come be weird and British" in his new show.



Watchmen premieres this Sunday, October 20th at 9pm on HBO in the US. The show is also airing around the world, so check your local listings to find the show where you are.

Watchmen: Red Carpet Premiere



Ok, well, the carpet was actually a lovely shade of Dr. Manhattan blue.

Many of the cast, including Tom, appeared at the Los Angeles premiere at the Cinerama Dome, as well as the after party. The party seemed to have included many of the props and designs that were at NYCC, with the addition of a squid tent. Yes, a squid tent. This show is gonna be wild. Check the galleries for additional images - more will be uploaded as they become available.

The embargo on reviews has been lifted, so watch this space for the expected onslaught of posts from the TV critics. The show airs on HBO on Sundays at 9pm starting October 20th.


Photo by Leon Bennett